X-ray images of young stellar clusters

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Here I have collected a few X-ray images, most of them made from ROSAT observations, which I have used to study the X-ray emission from young stars.
Some of these are simple count rate images, where the pixel intensity is given by the number of photons detected in this pixel. Some, which are labeled as `true colour' images, consist of three overlaid images showing different photon energies.
Photons with energies < 0.5 keV are shown in red,
photons with energies > 0.5 Kev and < 1.0 keV in green,
and those with energies > 1 keV in blue.
The different colours of the stars correspond to different coronal temperatures.

The "Coronet" protostellar nursery

The NGC 1333 star forming region

The Serpens dark cloud

The young stellar cluster IC348

The Scorpius Centaurus OB Association

The Orion nebula cluster

The Rho Ophiuchus star forming region

The Chameleon star forming region

The young stellar cluster IC2391

The Pleiades

The Hyades

The young stellar cluster NGC2516

More information about the ROSAT project can be found on the ROSAT pages at MPE
or at HEASARC , where one can also find additional images.