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As First Author

Galaxy shapes in Magneticum. I. Connecting stellar and dark matter shapes to dynamical and morphological galaxy properties and the large-scale structure
Valenzuela et al. 2024
submitted to A&A
A stream come true: Connecting tidal tails, shells, streams, and planes with galaxy kinematics and formation history
Valenzuela & Remus 2024
A&A, 686, A182
Galaxy Archaeology for Wet Mergers: Globular Cluster Age Distributions in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies
Valenzuela et al. 2023
accepted for publication in A&A
Globular cluster numbers in dark matter haloes in a dual formation scenario: an empirical model within EMERGE
Valenzuela et al. 2021
MNRAS, 505, 5815
Revised Simulations of the Planetary Nebulae Luminosity Function
Valenzuela, Méndez & Miller Bertolami 2019
ApJ, 887, 65


Lights in the Dark: Globular clusters as dark matter tracers
Valenzuela 2023
Mem. Societa Astronomica Italiana, 94, 47

As Second Author

Sensitivity of halo shape measurements
Fischer & Valenzuela 2023
A&A, 670, A120

As Contributing Author

The MAGPI Survey: Massive slow rotator population in place by z~0.3
Derkenne et al. 2024
accepted for publication in MNRAS
The MAGPI Survey: Using kinematic asymmetries in stars and gas to dissect drivers of galaxy dynamical evolution
Bagge et al. 2024
MNRAS, 531, 3011
The MAGPI survey: evolution of radial trends in star formation activity across cosmic time
Mun et al. 2024
MNRAS, 530, 5072
Shapes of dark matter haloes with discrete globular cluster dynamics: The example of NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)
Veršič et al. 2024
accepted for publication in A&A
Merge and Strip – Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters Can Be Formed by Galaxy Mergers
Ivleva, Remus, Valenzuela & Dolag 2024
accepted for publication in A&A
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: using tidal streams and shells to trace the dynamical evolution of massive galaxies
Rutherford et al. 2024
MNRAS, 529, 810
The MAGPI Survey: effects of spiral arms on different tracers of the interstellar medium and stellar populations at z~0.3
Chen et al. 2024
MNRAS, 527, 2991
The MAGPI survey: Drivers of kinematic asymmetries in the ionised gas of z∼0.3 star-forming galaxies
Bagge et al. 2023
PASA, 40, e060
Blowing out the Candle: How to Quench Galaxies at High Redshift – an Ensemble of Rapid Starbursts, AGN Feedback and Environment
Kimmig et al. 2023
submitted to ApJ
Evolution in the orbital structure of quiescent galaxies from MAGPI, LEGA-C, and SAMI surveys: direct evidence for merger-driven growth over the last 7 Gyr
D'Eugenio et al. 2023
MNRAS, 525, 2789
Different higher order kinematics between star-forming and quiescent galaxies based on the SAMI, MAGPI, and LEGA-C surveys
D'Eugenio et al. 2023
MNRAS, 525, 2765
The MAGPI Survey: impact of environment on the total internal mass distribution of galaxies in the last 5 Gyr
Derkenne et al. 2023
MNRAS, 522, 3602
Planes of Satellite Galaxies in the Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations
Förster et al. 2022
submitted to MNRAS
Intrinsic Shapes of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
de Nicola et al. 2022
ApJ, 933, 215