First Author Publications

Blowing out the Candle: How to Quench Galaxies at High Redshift – an Ensemble of Rapid Starbursts, AGN Feedback and Environment
L. C. Kimmig, R.-S. Remus, B. Seidel, L. M. Valenzuela, K. Dolag, & A. Burkert
submitted to ApJ (2023)
The Hateful Eight: Connecting Massive Substructures in Galaxy Clusters like Abell 2744 to their Dynamical Assembly State using the Magneticum Simulations
L. C. Kimmig, R.-S. Remus, K. Dolag & V. Biffi
ApJ 949 92 (2023)

Second Author Publications

Relight the Candle: What happens to High Redshift Massive Quenched Galaxies
R.-S. Remus & L. C. Kimmig
submitted to ApJ (2023)

Co-Author Publications

Preparing for low surface brightness science with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory: A Comparison of Observable and Simulated Intracluster Light Fractions
S. Brough, S. L. Ahad, Y. M. Bahe, A. Ellien, A. H. Gonzalez, Y. Jiménez-Teja, L. C. Kimmig, G. Martin, C. Martínez-Lombilla, M. Montes, A. Pillepich, R. Ragusa, R.-S. Remus, C. A. Collins, J. H. Knapen, J. C. Mihos
accepted by MNRAS
On the Decline of Star Formation during the Evolution of Galaxies
A. F. Teklu, R.-P. Kudritzki, K.Dolag, R.-S. Remus & L. C. Kimmig
ApJ 954 182 (2023)
Planes of Satellite Galaxies in the Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations
P. U. Förster, R.-S. Remus, K. Dolag, L. C. Kimmig, A. F. Teklu, & L. M. Valenzuela
ArXiv:2208.05496 (2022)

Other Publications

Are You Bound or Just Projected? The Behaviour of Substructures From Expansion to Galaxy Clusters
Maters’s Thesis 2022
Awarded with the LMU Research Prize 2022.
Comparison of the Hydrodynamical Simulation Method MFM to SPH and Mesh-Based Methods
Bachelor’s Thesis 2018