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Hello! I am an astrophysicist with a focus on the formation, evolution and dynamical state of galaxy clusters, and the properties of the galaxies in such environments. In addition, I am interested in understanding structure formation in a cosmological context: from the build-up of anisotropic structures around galaxies and in galaxy clusters to the impact of cosmic accretion on the resulting orbits, reaching from galaxies in clusters down to stellar orbits in galaxies, and the question whether cosmic expansion actually leaves an imprint on orbits within structures of all scales.

Currently, I am doing my doctorate at the University Observatory of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. I am a member of the CAST group, the DRAGONS Team, the Magneticum Pathfinder Team, and the COMPLEX Project.

For my most recent publication on the formation process of quenched galaxies at cosmic dawn, please take a at Blowing out the Candle: How to Quench Galaxies at High Redshift – an Ensemble of Rapid Starbursts, AGN Feedback and Environment.