About Me


I am currently a PhD student at the University Observatory Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU), working on structure formation on all scales from a mostly simulation perspective. In 2023, I was awarded an Astro3D Science visitorship for the duration of two months to visit the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, Swinburne University and the Australian National University. I also joined the ISSI International Team Exploiting Intracluster Light for Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution with Next Generation Facilities as an ECR.

I obtained my Master's degree in physics in 2022, and won the LMU Research Prize 2022 for my thesis.

In addition to my scientific research, I also enjoy teaching scientific content, and as such have been tutor for both university lectures and labs during my Master's and PhD studies. In summer 2023, I also gave a two-week course on the topic of Chaos theory at the German gifted program for school students "Deutsche Schuelerakademie".

If you want to contact me, please sent an email to
lkimmig at usm.lmu.de.