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Topics in the astrophysical seminar

Summer semester 2021

Date and TimeObs/TheoTitleStudentSupervisor
TuMay 1811:15obs Adaptive optics: correcting the atmospheric turbulence for ground-based telescopes Uhlmannsiek Gillessen
ThMay 2010:00theo Evolution of protoplantary disks Lohay Hutchison
TuMay 2509:45obs Experimental methods of infrared astronomy: the key to the Galactic center Goti Gillessen
11:15theo/obsEarly stages of planet formation: from dust to the building blocks of planets Campanaro Birnstiel
ThMay 2710:00theo Evolution of protoplanetary disks and the formation of planets (part 2) Gezmis Ercolano
TuJune 109:45theo Evolution of protoplanetary disks and the formation of planets (part 1) Ivleva Ercolano
11:15theo/obsHRD, colour-magnitude diagram, and globular clusters Poosch Riffeser
ThJune 310:00obs Planet search with TESS Ehrhardt Grupp
TuJune 809:45theo The formation of planets Roccetti Hutchison
11:15theo The wind-momentum luminosity relation for massive star winds Haacke Puls
ThJune1010:00obs Needles in the haystack – searching for planets and dark matter with the difference imaging techniqueArenales Riffeser
TuJune1509:45theo Gravitational lensing Pattloch N.N.
11:15obs Tidal disruptions around supermassive black holes Lopez Saglia
ThJune1710:00obs Identifying galaxy clusters in large surveys TeymourzadehKlein
TuJune2209:45theo How do first supermassive black holes form in the early universe? Illich Valentini
11:15theo The many faces of galaxy clusters – and how to use them for studying fundamental physics Rihtarsic Bocquet
ThJune2410:00theo/obsCosmology from the large-scale structure of the Universe Makarov Sanchez
TuJune2909:45theo Imprints of reionization on the cosmic microwave background Thoss Weller
11:15theo Voids as cosmological probes Kanaki Schuster
ThJuly 110:00theo/obsUnderstanding cosmic acceleration Gupta Sanchez
TuJuly 609:45obs Identifying galaxy clusters in large surveys Vey Klein
11:15theo Explaining cosmic acceleration with dark energy Assmann Caravano
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