Welcome to the pages of the
Astrophysical Practical Course
for Master Students

Summer Semester 2019

P2.1, WP2.1 & WP 1.1

Places and Times:
Tuesday 13:30--18:00, University Observatory

Briefings for Summer Semester 2019:
Location: Lecture Room, Scheinerstr. 1
Tuesday, 30.4.2019, 13:30
Master of Astrophysics or Physics students who have already done their first semester of labs do not have to come to this introduction, if they send an email to stella_at_usm.lmu.de confirming that they will attend this course. You can also propose other students as group members (no warranty).

Date of first lab is Tuesday, 7.5.2019, 13:30.

Please note that the Tuesday after Pentecost, 11.6.2019, is a LAB DAY !!!

This Practical Course is for:
Master students of Physics and Astrophysics
Please don't forget to bring your current student ID to the briefing.

In case you have questions or need any further information (regarding P2.1, WP2.2, WP2.1 & WP1.1) please contact me, Dr. Stella Seitz, via e-mail (stella_at_usm.uni-muenchen.de)

Further Information:

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