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PhD program in Astrophysics/Astronomy

The astrophysics PhD course is regulated by the “Promotionsordnung” (Regulations for the award of the doctoral degree at the LMU physics department) and is completed with the award of this degree. A PhD is the basis for a career in academia and associated research institutes.

Candidates for the PhD course in astrophysics must have a Master’s degree in astrophysics or a Master’s degree or Diploma in physics with a minimum grade of “good” (grade point average of 2.3). For the Master’s or Diploma course in physics, an astronomy-related subject is recommended for the thesis project, as well as elective courses in astronomy. Regarding alternative admission criteria the reader is referred to the “Promotionsordnung” of the physics department.

The PhD course in astrophysics/astronomy is normally a 3-year course, and comprises independent research work, the preparation of a dissertation, and attendance of supplementary courses in astronomy (seminars and advanced lectures).



Dean of the Physics department: Schellingstr. 4/IV, 80799 München, phone: 2180-3340

Documents required for admission to the Ph.D. examination:
"Zulassung zur Doktorprüfung" (Admission to the Ph.D. examination
- unofficial translation in English),
"Erklärung" (Declaration
- unofficial translation in English),
"Ehrenwörtliche Versicherung" (Statutory Declaration
- unofficial translation in English)

Degrees: Master/Diploma in Astrophysics, Master/Diploma in Physics
Nominal course duration: 10 semesters (Master/Diploma)
Maximum period of stipend (BAföG): 10 semesters (Physics)

-   Current regulations for the MSc in astrophysics
-   Current regulations for the MSc / diploma in physics
German version available from: University Observatory Munich, Examinations committee for Physics

Examinations committees:
-   Examinations committee for the Master’s degree in Physics and the Diploma in Physics: Theresienstr. 37, 80333 München, phone 2394-4570

Doctorate: Dr. rer. nat.

Doctorate regulations:
-   Doctorate regulations of the Physics department, version of 19. April 1993
    available from: Dean’s office (address see above)
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