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University Observatory Munich Colloquium
Schedule for Winter Term 2019/2020

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 at the Observatory, Scheinerstr. 1, room E08,
unless announced otherwise.

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Date Speaker Institute Title Host
13 Nov 2019 Dr. Jaime Pineda MPE Following the Gas from Core to Disk Birnstiel
20 Nov 2019 Dr. Roger Wesson UCL (UK) Resolving the nebular abundance discrepancy problem Picogna
27 Nov 2019 Dr. Maria Bergemann MPIA Heidelberg Reading physics from stellar spectra Weller
15 Jan 2020 Dr. Jeremy Sanders MPE Learning about the physics of galaxy clusters using direct measurements of the intracluster medium velocity structure Mohr
22 Jan 2020 Prof. Dr. Jonathan Tennyson UCL (London) The ExoMol project: molecular line lists for the opacity of exoplanets and other hot atmospheres Weller
11 Mar 2020 Dr. Jeremy Drake Harvard-Smithsonian CfA The Dark Energy of Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections Ercolano
25 Mar 2020 Dr. John Zuhone Harvard-Smithsonian CfA TBA Dolag

Preview for Summer Term 2020

Date Speaker Institute Title Host
22 Apr 2020 Dr. Esra Bulbul MPE TBA Weller
8 Jul 2020 Dr. Jesse van de Sande University of Sydney Stellar Kinematics within the SAMI Galaxy Survey Remus
9 Sep 2020 Special Meeting Scheduled- No Colloquium USM For questions please reach out to Frau Niggl Ercolano

Suggestions for speakers should be sent to the colloquium organizer Prof. Joseph Mohr.

Schedules for previous semesters: Summer term 2019.

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