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University Observatory Munich Colloquium
Schedule for Summer Term 2016

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 at the Observatory, Scheinerstr. 1, room E08,
unless announced otherwise.

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Date Speaker Institute Title Host
13 April 2016 Giovanni Picogna USM How do giant planetary cores shape the dust disk? Ercolano
20 April 2016 Remco van der Burg CEA Saclay The distribution of stellar mass in galaxy clusters over cosmic time Mohr
27 April 2016 Fabian Schmidt MPA Garching From GUT scale to galaxies: probing the early universe with large-scale structure Weller
4 May 2016 Sean McGee University of Birmingham The Evolution of Satellite Galaxy Quenching Mohr
1 June 2016 Peter Behroozi UC Berkeley Linking Halo Assembly with Galaxy Star Formation Rates Moster
8 June 2016 Stefano Andreon INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera The amazing diversity of the gas content of an X-ray unbiased sample of galaxy clusters Mohr
8 June 2016, 16:00 Mark Kowalski Humbold Universitaet Berlin / DESY Zeuthen Mapping the dynamics of the local Universe with SNe Ia Weller
20 June 2016, 14:00 Ralph Pudritz McMaster University Radiative Feedback and the Formation of Massive Stars and Stellar Clusters Burkert
22 June 2016 Lutz Wisotzki AIP Potsdam Observing the high-redshift circumgalactic medium emission with MUSE Burkert
29 June 2016 Lauro Moscardini Universita di Bologna Cosmological constraints from the Baryon Acoustic Oscillations of Galaxy Clusters Weller
6 July 2016 Jean-Baptiste Melin CEA-Saclay Planck Cluster and Large Scale Structure Science after the 2015 Results Mohr
Preview for Winter term 2016/17:
Date Speaker Institute Title Host
23 November 2016 Tijana Prodanovic University of Novi Sad Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Galactic Interactions and its Implications Mohr
30 November 2016 Gergoe Poppig ESO The gas and dust content of galaxies over cosmic time Moster
7 December 2016 Excellence Cluster Universe Science Week
11 January 2017 Rolf Kuiper Universitaet Tuebingen TBD Puls
25 Januar 2017 Herbert Wagner LMU TBD Weller

Suggestions for speakers should be sent to the colloquium organizer Thomas Preibisch.

Schedules for previous semesters: Winter term 2015/16.

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