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University Observatory Munich Colloquium
Schedule for Winter Term 2018

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 at the Observatory, Scheinerstr. 1, room E08,
unless announced otherwise.

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Date Speaker Institute Title Host
10 October 2018 Prof. em. Dieter Gerlich Institut für Physik, Technische Universität Chemnitz Astrophysics and -chemistry in cryogenic ion traps Goto/Preibisch
17 October 2018 Dr. Pratyush Pranav ENS Lyon Unexpected Topology of the Cosmic Microwave Background Weller
24 October 2018 Dr. Gayoung Chon LMU Probing Cosmic Structures with X-ray Survey of Galaxy Clusters Seitz/Bender
31 October 2018 Dr. I-Ting Ho MPIA, Heidelberg Chemical Evolution and Gas Flows in Star-Forming Galaxies in 3D Kudritzki
14 November 2018 Dr. Richard Anderson ESO New Light on Standard Candles: Cepheids as sensitive stellar laboraties and accurate cosmic yardsticks Kudritzki
21 November 2018 Dr. Sirio Belli MPE Deep Spectroscopic Observations of Quiescent Galaxies at High Redshift Strazzullo
5 December 2018 Alvaro Hacar Burkert
12 December 2018 Oliver Friedrich LMU Density Split Statistics – measuring & modelling higher order moments of the galaxy and matter density field Seitz
19 December 2018 Prof. Stefano Camera University of Torino TBD Mohr
16 January 2019 Dr. Nico Hamaus LMU Probing Cosmology with the Dynamics of Voids Weller
30 January 2019 Dr. Bertram Bitsch MPA TBD Picogna
6 February 2019 Dr. Alvaro Hacar Gonzalez Leiden Observatory TBD Burkert
20 February 2019 Dr. Liz Humphreys ESO TBD Kudritzki
20 March 2019 Dr. Rolf Kuiper University of Tübingen Accretion and Feedback in the Formation of Massive Stars Burkert

Suggestions for speakers should be sent to the colloquium organizer Prof. Joseph Mohr.

Schedules for previous semesters: Summer term 2018.

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