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Name Home Institute Research Topic Host Room Phone

John Kormendy University of Texas at Austin Extragalactic Astronomy Prof. Bender I 17  
Hans Böhringer (retired) Extragalactic Astronomy Prof. Bender LOG12 6964

Staff & Homepages

Name Position Phone e-Mail

    089-2180-.... ....@usm.lmu.de
    089-30000-.... ....@mpe.mpg.de
    089-35831-.... ....@universe-cluster.de

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
Ralf Bender Professor 5999, 3702 bender
Jochen Weller Professor 5976 jweller
Walter Dehnen Deputy Professor 6035 dehnen
Roberto Saglia Lecturer 5998, 3916 saglia
Stella Seitz Senior Staff Astronomer 5996 stella
Arno Riffeser Senior Staff Astronomer 5973 arri
Maximilian Fabricius Senior Staff Astronomer 3712 mxhf
Martin Kerscher Senior Staff Astronomer 5968 martin.kerscher
Ariel Sanchez Senior Staff Astronomer 3776 arielsan
Jens Thomas Senior Staff Astronomer 3714 jthomas
Alessandra Beifiori Research Fellow 6017, 3695 beifiori
Gayoung Chon Research Fellow 6964 gchon
Daniel Farrow Research Fellow 3831 dfarrow
Valentina Guglielmo Research Fellow 3355 gglvnt
Nico Hamaus Research Fellow 9294 hamaus
Ben Hoyle Research Fellow 5989 hoyleb
Christian Obermeier Research Fellow 5995 chroberm
Kerstin Paech Research Fellow 5895 paech
Ana Paulino-Afonso Research Fellow 3770 apaulino
Giorgia Pollina Research Fellow 5987 gpollina
Liang Wang Research Fellow 5983 lwang
David Wilman Research Fellow 5998, 3117 dwilman
Vanessa Fahrenschon PhD Student 5983 fahrenschon
Oliver Friedrich PhD Student 5978 oliverf
Marco Häuser PhD Student 5846 mhaeuser
Jiamin Hou PhD Student 3931 octobers
Hanna Kellermann PhD Student 5983 hkellerm
Matthias Kluge PhD Student 5981 mkluge
Mihael Kodric PhD Student 6975 kodric
Martha Lippich-Golobart PhD Student 3775 mlippich
Bianca Neureiter PhD Student 5982, 3779 bneureiter
Romy Rehmann PhD Student 5978 rehmann
Tea Tutis PhD Student 5987 tutis
Tamas Norbert Varga PhD Student 5982 vargatn
Johannes Diehl Master’s Student 5979 jdiehl
Alexander Djamali Master’s Student 5979 djamali
Andreas Hofmann Master’s Student 5981 ahofmann
Stephan Krampf Master’s Student 5978 krampf
Yang Liu Master’s Student 5982 yliu
Kianush Mehrgan Master’s Student 3819 kmehrgan
Georgios Pentaris Master’s Student 3732 gpent
Nico Schuster Master’s Student 5979 nschuster
Eva Sextl Master’s Student 5979 sextl
Jana Steuer Master’s Student 5982 jsteuer
Malwin Weiler Master’s Student 5981 mweiler
Carl von Wedemeyer Master’s Student 5981 wedemeyer

Computational Astrophysics
Andreas Burkert Professor 5992 andi
Barbara Ercolano Professor 6974 ercolano
Til Birnstiel Professor 6973 birnstiel
Ben Moster Emmy Noether Group Leader 9284 moster
Klaus Dolag Senior Staff Astronomer 5994 dolag
Christian Alig Research Fellow 6966 alig
Natalia Borodatchenkova Research Fellow 5991 nbor
Joanna Drążkowska Research Fellow 6006 drazkowska
Tommaso Grassi Research Fellow 9279 tgrassi
Matthias Gritschneder Research Fellow 6986 gritschm
David Hubber Research Fellow 9279 dhubber
Christine Koepferl Research Fellow   koepferl
Aura Obreja Research Fellow 5918 obreja
Giovanni Picogna Research Fellow 6973 picogna
Rhea-Silvia Remus Research Fellow 6986 rhea
Marc Schartmann Research Fellow 5994, 3319 schartmann
Sebastian Stammler Research Fellow 9298 stammler
Manuel Behrendt PhD Student 3712 behrendt
Raphael Franz PhD Student 5970 rfranz
Matias Gárate PhD Student 6029 mgarate
Stefan Heigl PhD Student 6031 heigl
Joseph O’Leary PhD Student 5990 joleary
Marcel Lotz PhD Student 5847 mlotz
Antonio Ragagnin PhD Student 6029 ragagnin
Felix Schulze PhD Student 5990 fschulze
Lisa Steinborn PhD Student 6968 steinborn
Ulrich Steinwandel PhD Student 5990 usteinw
Adelheid Teklu PhD Student 6968 ateklu
Martin Zintl PhD Student 6966 zintl
Apostolos Zormpas PhD Student 6029 zormpas
Jannik Bach Master’s Student 5977 jbach
Bernat Ferrer Master’s Student 5977 bferrer
Pascal Förster Master’s Student 5982 foerster
Sen Tian Master’s Student 5981 stian
Fatih Turan Master’s Student 6966 fturan
Oliver Zier Master’s Student 6966 ozier

Cosmology and Structure Formation
Joseph Mohr Professor 5967 jmohr
Sebastian Bocquet Research Scientist 6034 Sebastian.Bocquet
Jörg Dietrich Research Scientist 5942 dietrich
Veronica Strazzullo Research Scientist 6033 vstrazz
Matthias Klein Research Fellow 6006 mklein
Natasha Maddox Research Fellow 6949 N.Maddox
Maurilio Pannella Research Fellow 6006 mpannell
Martin Kümmel Senior Software Developer 5993 mkuemmel
Holger Israel Software Developer 6949 hisrael
Alexey Krukau Software Developer    
Mohammad Mirkazemi Software Developer 6949 kazemi
Margarita Petkova Software Developer 7115 mpetkova
Thomas Vassallo Software Developer 5918 vassallo
Raffaella Capasso PhD Student 6029 capasso
Sebastian Grandis PhD Student 6023 grandis
Peter Lustig PhD Student 6023 peter.lustig
Maria Paulus PhD Student 5970  
Viraj Nistane Master’s Student 5981  
Alexandros Tzelepidis Master’s Student    

Young Stars and Star Formation
Thomas Preibisch Professor 6016 preib
Miwa Goto-Egner Research Fellow 6949 mgoto
Basmah Riaz Research Fellow 6002 briaz
Stefan Flaischlen PhD Student 5991 sflaisch
Kristina Monsch PhD Student 5847 monsch
Benedik Mayr Master’s Student 5991 benedikt.mayr

Hot Stars, Stellar Winds, Planetary Atmospheres and Gaseous Nebulae
Keith Butler Lecturer 6018 butler
Adalbert Pauldrach Lecturer, apl. Professor 6021 uh10107
Joachim Puls Lecturer 6022 uh101aw
Johann Weber Research Fellow 6030 jweber
Luiz Paolo Carneiro PhD Student 6029 luiz
Levin Hennicker PhD Student 6004 levin
Dennis Frei Master’s Student 5979 dfrei

Plasma Astrophysics
Harald Lesch Professor 6007 lesch
Juan Gaviria Research Fellow 5968 jgaviria
Alexander Arth Research Fellow 6885 arth
Marco Smolla PhD Student 5981 smolla

Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics
Rolf-Peter Kudritzki Professor 6810 kud

Wendelstein Observatory and Hobby-Eberly-Telescope
Ulrich Hopp Senior Staff Astronomer 5997, 3960 hopp
Wolfgang Mitsch Senior Staff Astronomer   mitsch
Heinz Barwig Research Fellow 5974 hbarwig
Claus Gössl Research Fellow 5972 cag
Frank Grupp Research Fellow 6005, 3956 fug
Jan Snigula Research Fellow 6027, 3970 snigula
Christoph Ries Technical Assistant   cries
Michael Schmidt Technical Assistant   mschmidt

Reinhold Häfner Research Fellow 6012 haefner
Hans-Joachim Hess Head of Electronics Engineering 6010 achim
Florian Lang-Bardl Senior Technical Assistant 6965 flang
Helmut Kravcar Electronics Engineer 5971 kravcar
Anna Monna Research Fellow 6975 amonna
Josef Richter Research Fellow 6013 jrichter
Jörg Schlichter Research Fellow 6011 schlicht
Michael Wegner Research Fellow 6020 wegner

Rudolf Gabler Senior Staff Astronomer 6019 rug
Tadziu Hoffmann Research Fellow 6024 hoffmann
Lisa Schneiders Technical Assistant 6025 lisa

Workshop and Secretary’s Office
Nicola Auer Secretary 6095 sekretariat
Sabine Grötsch Secretary 6001 sekretariat
Gudrun Niggl Secretary 5869 sekretariat
Uta Le Guay Secretary 6000 sekretariat
Manfred Schuster Precision Mechanic 5986 mschuster
Marianne Siedschlag Technical Assistant 5970  
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