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Astrophysics Essentials WS 2017

Lecture Slides

Prof. Thomas Preibisch

Chapter 1 Intro, The Solar System 17. Oct PDF
Chapter 2 Celestial Sphere 19. Oct PDF
Chapter 3 Telescopes & Instruments 24. Oct
Chapter 4 Matter and Radiation 26. Oct
Chapter 5 Stars: Phenomenology  2. Nov
Chapter 6 Stellar Structure  7. Nov
Chapter 7 Stellar Atmospheres and Magnetic Activity  9. Nov
Chapter 8a Stellar Evolution I: Low mass stars 14. Nov
Chapter 8b Stellar Evolution II: High mass stars 16. Nov
Chapter 9 Stellar End States and Binary Evolution 21. Nov
Chapter 10a ISM I: Basics, cooling instability 23. Nov
Chapter 10b ISM II: Molecular Clouds, Star Formation 28. Nov
Chapter 11 Planet Formation & Exoplanets 30. Nov
Chapter 12 Massive Star Feedback, Galactic Scale Star Formation  5. Dec
Prof. Joseph Mohr

Chapter 13 Overview 7. Dec


Distribution Tutorial
Tutorial 1 24. Oct  6. Nov - 10. Nov
Tutorial 2  7. Nov 13. Nov - 17. Nov

Tutorial Groups

1 Mon 10:15-11:45 Roof Seminar Room USM Veronica Strazzullo
2 Mon 16:15-17:45 N 110 Schellingstr. 4 Joerg Dietrich
3 Wed 10:15-11:45 Roof Seminar Room USM Miwa Goto
4 Thu 10:15-11:45 Roof Seminar Room USM Joerg Dietrich
5 Fri 10:15-11:45 Roof Seminar Room USM Veronica Strazzullo

Grading Rules

The final grade will be primarily based on the written exam at the end of the semester. A grading bonus will be given for active participation in the tutorials. For details please refer to the following document: PDF


Veronica Strazzullo Joerg Dietrich Miwa Goto
USM 127 (I39) USM 133 (I04) USM 134 (I05)
vstrazz at usm.lmu.de dietrich at usm.lmu.de mgoto at usm.lmu.de
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