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Topics in the astrophysical seminar

Summer semester 2020

Group 1 — Tuesday, 11:15–12:30
Talk #SupervisorObs/TheoTitleStudentDate
 1Stefan Gillessen obs Optical interferometry: breaking the diffraction limit of individual telescopes Katharina Giers May 19
 2Tommaso Grassi obs Extra-solar planets: the various detection methods Christiane Göppl May 26
 3Frank Grupp obs Planet search with TESS Wolfgang Schwartz June 2
 4Mark Hutchison theoThe formation of planets Vignesh VaikundaramanJune 9
 5Jens Thomas theoIs the IMF variable? Tirso Marin June 16
 6Stella Seitz theoGravitational lensing David Rufer June 23
 7Roberto Saglia obs The biggest black holes . . . in the most diffuse galaxy centres Aditya Singh June 30
 8Sebastian Bocquet theoThe many faces of galaxy clusters – and how to use them for studying fundamental physicsShreyam Krishna July 7
 9Klaus Dolag theoCosmological simulations of galaxy clusters Maja Niemeyer July 14
10Jochen Weller theoExplaining cosmic acceleration with dark energy Elena Hernandez July 21
Group 2 — Tuesday, 9:45–11:00
Talk #SupervisorObs/TheoTitleStudentDate
 1Mark Hutchison theoThe evolution of protoplanetary disks Sandro Paetzold May 19
 2Florian Lang-Bardlobs Astronomical CCD cameras Manuel Henning May 26
 3Tommaso Grassi obs The Kepler mission: searching for a twin of the Earth Carolina Schäfer June 2
 4Til Birnstiel theoEarly stages of planet formation: from dust to the building blocks of planets Marina Cano June 9
 5Ortwin Gerhard theoDark matter in the new Milky Way Justo Gonzalez June 16
 6Rhea Remus theoAre elliptical galaxies made by mergers? Levi Walls June 23
 7Klaus Dolag theoCosmological simulations of galaxy clusters Stefan Lüders June 30
 8Matthias Klein obs Identifying galaxy clusters in large surveys Silvio FortunéJuly 7
 9Sebastian Grandis theoHow to measure masses of galaxy clusters Christian Becker July 14
10Jochen Weller theoImprints of reionization on the cosmic microwave background Giordano Viviani July 21
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