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Topics in the astrophysical seminar

Winter semester 2020 / 2021

Group 2 — Tuesday,  9:45–11:00
Group 1 — Tuesday, 11:15–12:30
Talk #SupervisorObs/TheoTitleStudentDateTime
Instruments / observational techniques
 1Frank Grupp obs Exploring telescope optics: how do the largest optical systems work? Lukas Ranftl 08 Dec11:15
 2Tommaso Grassi obs Extra-solar planets: the various detection methods Daniel Vogl 15 Dec11:15
 3Mark Hutchison theo The formation of planets Nikolaus Deiser 22 Dec11:15
 4Arno Riffeser obs HRD, colour–magnitude diagram, and globular clusters Christine Freitag 12 Jan11:15
Gravitational lensing
 5Anna Monna theo Gravitational lensing Thomas Vannieuwenhuyse19 Jan11:15
 6Rhea Remus obs/theoGalaxy evolution: from z ~ 3 to present day Silvio Fortuné 26 Jan11:15
 7Milena Valentini theo How do first supermassive black holes form in the early universe? Samuel Obrecht 26 Jan11:15
Galaxy clusters
 9Klaus Dolag theo Cosmological simulations of galaxy clusters Lucas Valenzuela 02 Feb09:45
 8Sebastian Grandistheo How to measure masses of galaxy clusters Esra Gezmis 02 Feb11:15
Cosmology / our universe
11Ariel Sanchez theo Understanding cosmic acceleration Apolline Chappard 09 Feb09:45
10Jochen Weller theo Imprints of reionization on the cosmic microwave backgroundLucas Kimmig 09 Feb11:15
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